PU machines for insulation of pipe joints

Nortec-Cannon A/S acquires the HOVMAND PU machines in 2014.

HOVMAND A/S has manufactured polyurethane and polyurea PU machines for more than 40 years. HOVMAND A/S was founded by Hans Christian Hovmand in 1972.

The PU machines are designed as modular systems based on quality components bought in from subcontractors such as GAMA SPRAY EQUIPMENT who is also represented by Nortec-Cannon A/S in the Nordic countries.

The HOVMAND polyurethane machines are being marketed all over the world. Nearly 200 PU machines have been produced and are daily working on all five continents.

Nortec-Cannon A/S is an organization who offers service, spare parts and technology.

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