Sirtek - WPS System

25. November 2014

You can now use the Sirtek technology for producing parts as shower plates and automotive motor hoods directly in an open mould and thus avoiding the thermoformed part!

Sirtek - WPS System

This new technology, currently being developed in the Sirtek laboratories, is an application which will allow you to manufacture open-mould finished products without using an acrylic plate. This system is suitable for the production of automotive hoods, state-of-the-art shower plates and various other items.

The system involves the construction of a temperature-controlled aluminium mould, with mirror surface finishing once the part has been completed.

First of all, the mould is painted with a special finishing paint which is resistant to UV radiation and chemical agents, then sent directly to the Sirtek plant for being sprayed with Sirtek polyurethane resin in the reinforcement plant.

This is where the first layer of compact material (Greencoat) is applied in order to provide the object with the necessary surface resistance against scratching and/or denting. Then a second layer of Greensir®  MC01 or Greensir®  1003 is applied to make sure that the product is structurally resistant.

The finished part can be combined with steel framing and/or fixing systems which, at the end of its useful life, can be disposed of separately, thus making sure that the part in question is 100% recyclable.