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Nortec-Cannon A/S has since 1969 sold and serviced products from the Italian CANNON GROUP, who is the market leader within polyurethane, composites and thermoplastics.

The co-operation with the CANNON GROUP has contributed to the leading position of Nortec-Cannon in the fields of products, where polyurethane is being used in an industrial way.

Our comprehensive reference list within sandwich panels has led to a long partnership with MANNI PRESSE. They have for more than 15 years been dedicated to the design and production of presses.

The significant interface to the refrigeration and freezer industries has been reinforced by a technical and commercial co-operation with companies like CANNON THERMOFORMING SYSTEMS and BELOTTI - CNC-work centres. Both manufacturing units provide engineering quality and a high technical competence.

Furthermore Nortec-Cannon represents Fluid Research. They have for more than 30 years been a leading supplier of dosing equipment.