Thermoformning by Cannon Forma


The thermoforming machines produced by Cannon Forma cover the complete range of requirements for industrial thermoforming, i.e. those applications involving production of medium to large parts starting from single sheets or rolls of thermoplastic material.

Refrigerator liners, automotive interior and exterior trim, aerospace, furniture, electronic housings, luggage, advertising signs, office machines, sanitary products such as bath tubs, and technical parts are typically the products most commonly produced with these machines.

Sophisticated electronic controls ensure quick machine set up, fast and precise control of the heating elements and easy re-programming of production parameters. Careful design of the machine structure guarantees high productivity and repeatable quality. With the addition of pressure forming and twin sheet forming technology, it is possible to produce thermoformed parts which compete in terms of appearance and structure with components traditionally manufactured on large scale production with injection or blow moulding equipment.

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