HOVMAND PU Machines for insulating DHC pipe joints

HOVMAND PU Machines are designed for insulation of DHC (district heating and cooling) pipe joints in the field.

The concept of pre-insulated steel pipes covered with a water-resistant outer HDPE casing and an insulation layer made of Polyurethane foam was invented in Denmark in 1960. The concept became a major success and has been extended to the rest of the world creating the basis for modern cost and energy effective DHC systems.

The service life of pre-insulated pipes is calculated to minimum 30 years, but a large number of pipes are still in service and operate satisfactorily many years after this theoretical limit. The pipe joints are made in the field and it requires high quality systems and technology to obtain high quality and long life joints.

HOVMAND PU Machines has 45 years of experience in the development, designing and production of mobile machines for insulation of pipe joints in the field.

Kløvermarken, Copenhagen

Kløvermarken, Copenhagen

The insulation of the joint is made using a HOVMAND HY40 PU foaming machine.