Technical service and support

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Nortec-Cannon offers personal service before, during and after.

For Nortec-Cannon it is utmost important to give our customers a good service. Especially when we have delivered and installed our machinery and equipment. Good service starts with a precise and professional instruction of operators and maintenance personnel.

Hereafter follows the ability to supply spare parts. We know that if you deliver machines you must also be able to service them if they break down.

Experienced and trained service engineers are as important as fast supplies of spare parts.

We keep the largest spare part stock in Scandinavia and we supply many parts to machines which are not in production anymore.

Our internal customer support has a very good dialogue on day to day basis with our customers production and service employees.

Please use and read our Technical news in the left row. These are written by experienced technicians and contains a lot of useful information for technicians.